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Winter Design Trends

February 19, 2021
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The famous groundhog and the recent weather across the country all confirm that winter is sticking around a little longer. That means if you’ve taken down the holiday decorations in your new homes in Bonney Lake WA, but things feel a little winter weary, there are still some design trends you can try out to make the rest of winter seem a bit more cozy and cheerful.

Old and new are the hippest mashup these days. Millennials are digging up vintage finds at thrift stores and garage sales (and Facebook Marketplace and Etsy), looking for ruffles, floral-print sofas, crochet-anything, and other traditional furnishings. Gen-Xers are getting a minute of nostalgia seeing stuff their grandparents or even their parents may have had. It’s that sense of nostalgia and the craving for cozy comfort like a big hug from grandma that is driving some of the current cottagecore design style. Of course, the difference is mixing these traditional pieces and patterns with more contemporary elements, such as throw pillows in more contemporary fabric designs that still somehow complement that traditional floral sofa. Just avoid the complete matching sets of living room furniture. That takes things too far.

Speaking of Gen-Xers, it’s not just the furniture that their grandparents had that is making a comeback, it’s stuff they maybe even grew up with, especially anything wicker and macramé. The focus this time is more on natural fibers. Larger rattan light shades over the dining table light provide clean lines but still bring in the warmth of nature. The idea is to mix some of these lighter materials, such as rattan, wicker, cane, and lighter-colored woods with your modern furnishings, offering a softer feel to the room, whether it’s side tables, chairs, rugs, or even larger pieces like credenzas. Even macramé really is making a comeback, but with artful, nature-inspired wall-hangings, not the burnt-orange glass-ball holders of the ‘70s.

While macramé may trend toward light, natural colors, that burn-orange/rust color still has a place these days. Go bold with a velvet, rust-colored sofa and let the rest of your furnishings aim toward more neutral tones, from light-colored woods, to dark blue contrast fabrics in throw pillows. A mix of rust colors with shiny metal hanging lamps keeps things contemporary and stops people from looking for a shag rug.

If grandma vintage and ‘70s groove just aren’t your thing, take it back even more old school with New Victorian. This is a more opulent style, but with more comfort than the original Victorian style. Seating is better made for lounging than sitting stiffly upright. You can lounge rakishly amid oversize gilt-framed mirrors, velvet-covered chairs, ruffles on sofa skirts and curtains, lush florals, and some surprisingly bold colors in blues, greens, and even cozy reds, often with a touch of gilt. Get inspired by the original William-Morris patterns and have fun with a bit of old-world whimsy, without creating something that looks like a stage set for a costume drama.

These are some of the past-inspired design trends that are working their way into more and more new homes in Bonney Lake WA. We’ve been spending more time in our homes this past year, and probably still will, so we might as well make them comfortable, cozy, but still visually interesting and fun. Our Design Studio can help you turn your decor ideas into a stylish reality.

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