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Homeowner Tips

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Getting Started with Your New Home

You’ve got the keys, you’re all packed up, and you’re ready to start your life in your new Garrette Custom Home. Check out these important tips to ensure that you settle in as smoothly as possible.


You’ll need electricity, gas, internet, cable, water, and other important services ready to go when you step through the door. As soon as you know your move-in date, contact the local utilities that are responsible for those services. At Garrette Custom Homes, we can usually provide you with a full list of the utilities you need to contact so that your transition to a fully functioning new home is seamless.


You’ll need to update your address everywhere— on your driver’s license, at work, with your bank and credit card companies, with your cell phone provider, and with friends and family members. It’s especially important to make sure that all of your bills are coming to the right place so that you can avoid extra charges. When you order items online, update any address information that is saved to your account so that you receive your packages at your new home.


Ready to hang pictures on your walls? Pick up a stud sensor first. This handy device can detect changes in density within walls, alerting you to potential obstacles like ducts, cables, and studs. Avoid drilling any deeper than 1.25 inches so that you don’t nick any pipes or wires.


At Garrette Custom Homes, we provide you will all the tools that you need to be successful with your new home. Your customer care representative will give you some vital information about the care and maintenance of your home, so reserve some time to read through that document. From time to time, you can consult those materials when you need a little guidance as a homeowner.


Are you tempted to rush the unpacking process? Take a step back and think about where you really want the furniture, keepsakes, necessities, and art to go. With a little extra time and thought, you’ll save yourself energy, keep your stress level lower, and transform your new home gradually into a place that truly reflects you as a person.

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New Home Design Studio

New Home Design Studio

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