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Turn Any Room Into a Fantastic Flex Room

August 19, 2021
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Even before the recent need for home offices and homeschooling areas, home builders have increasingly incorporated extra rooms into new homes in Ridgefield WA to give people more flexibility in how they use their home. These spaces allow for hobbies, work, and more to be incorporated into the home, without taking over spaces that already have their own purpose. The dining room table no longer has to be an office desk and a school room, and the guest room doesn’t have to also serve as an exercise room.

Obviously, our Shasta XL provides a wealth of space with a minimum of three bedrooms and room for more, thanks to more than 3300 square feet, not to mention the built-in bonus room upstairs. However, even our smaller homes like the Dumont, with 2127 square feet, feature three bedrooms and a bonus room. We build our homes to fit your lifestyle, whatever your lifestyle may be. By providing plenty of standard bedrooms (including owner’s suites on the first floor), along with extra space that can serve a variety of purposes, we make sure your home can adapt to you through the years, even as needs and interests change.

Of course, when you have one of these flex or bonus rooms, you want to make the most of them. After all, they’re often large enough to serve multiple purposes. You could turn the whole space into a home office area, or you could turn it over to the kids and let them have a play/game room that can grow with them. Alternatively, you could use half as a home office and half as a home gym, even setting up decorative screens or useful bookshelves to divide the spaces. Rugs can also help visually divide the different spaces and add some style to each.

Ideally, think about what you need most in your home and try to use the space accordingly. Also, just because a room is listed as a bedroom or a dining nook doesn’t mean it has to be used that way. Let a guest bedroom actually be put to regular use, rather than standing empty most of the time. It could be a great crafting or sewing room or even a music room. Focus on getting the most out of that space instead of letting it go to waste for much of the year. Set the room up around its main use and let a sofa bed or Murphy’s bed fill that occasional guest-room need.

Don’t forget about those smaller areas that seem decorative rather than a dedicated space. Many homes have a space at the top of the stairs that works surprisingly well as a simple home office with a desk and chair. Just make sure you incorporate an electric plug in that area when building. It can serve as a plug for a lamp or a laptop, depending on how you choose to use the space.

As for the actual flex rooms, these are a great place to add in extra storage. Built-in closets or even long storage cupboards can be great for storing toys, extra bedding, games, and more, while the surface can be used for a TV or computer screen for gaming or a family media room. When it comes to flex rooms, also look for furniture that can fold up or nest if you’re going to use it for multiple purposes. Lightweight furniture that is easy to move is also helpful. If the space is part media room, then nesting tables are useful so everyone has a place to put their snacks and drinks. Folding tables can be used for board games, puzzles, craft projects, or even work projects. There are plenty of attractive wood tables that attach to the wall and fold down when not in use, freeing up floor space while still being attractive.

The most important thing is to think about what will best serve your needs now and in the immediate future. Feel free to decorate the room the way you would any other room. You’re going to be using this space, so it should look and feel comfortable. It doesn’t need to be the room of cast-off old furniture that doesn’t fit the rest of the house. Put your personality in it so that you enjoy the space. And remember that as needs and interests change, these flex spaces can change as well. This means you can stay in your home for longer and really put down roots if you choose.

We aim to build homes that feature plenty of great standard elements, as well as providing you with the kinds of options that turn a great home into a dream home. This is why we include flex rooms of some sort into every home we build to allow you to create the home that is right for you. If you’re looking at new homes in Ridgefield WA, contact us today to learn more about how easy it is to design the home that is right for you, now and in the future.

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