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Trends That Will Rule 2022

January 21, 2022
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If you’re currently picking out all of the finishes, flooring, and other personalized elements for one of our Portland new homes, we have some tips for you on some of the hottest interior trends for 2022. You don’t have to choose all of them or even any of them – it’s your home – but you can always add some in for subtle touches or go bold with some big trends if they fit your taste. Don’t be afraid to experiment a bit, but always know when something just isn’t right for you. This way you’ll end up with a home that feels like an extension of you.

Honestly, many of the trends are continuations and variations on what we’ve seen the past few years, but that’s down to people looking to create homes that are comfortable and comforting as we’ve spent more time in them. There’s also a greater push in expressing yourself and not just sticking to trends completely. Thus you see a mix of vintage, bold colors, mix-and-match prints, natural textiles and more in homes today. Go with what works for individual rooms and the use and atmosphere you want there, rather than hard and fast design rules.

There’s definitely an interest in incorporating nature and natural textiles into homes these days. These elements are meant to create a soothing place, but also a healthy and relaxing one. Plants are good for a home, helping filter the air in some cases, and often creating a more relaxed environment. Plus, as we’ve spent more time indoors, it helps bring the outdoors inside. Paired with neutrals and natural textiles in rugs, but also in artistic macrame wall hangings, and soft-textured natural materials for throw pillows and blankets for the sofa, you can create a calm, zen space where you can breathe deeply and start to relax.

That sense of nature is trending beyond actual plants and natural fibers. Many people are choosing green as a paint color for rooms, including dining rooms and living rooms. Sage greens, with that bit of earthiness help make the shade of green more flattering. You can also mix it with other colors, such as using a super dark glossy blue on panelling on the base of a wall and using a lighter, sage-toned shade of green on the upper walls for a bold, but elegant living room. Or use an earthy green on the walls and pair it with sapphire blues in some of your furnishings, complemented with neutral rugs and pale wood side tables and coffee tables to create a bold but balanced room that feels surprisingly welcoming.

Vintage and antique pieces – often used somewhat differently from their original use – remain popular. People are going for pieces older than mid-century and looking further back. Antique dining room sideboards are now becoming stylized storage in bedrooms or living rooms. Also, many of the vintage and antique pieces have softer, rounder edges than the more cubic shapes we’ve seen. Sofas and side chairs are more rounded and plush and lush, becoming places you don’t mind sitting for a while and talking or simply enjoying a good book or binging a tv series.

You’ll find more unique craft pieces showing up, as well. Handmade items, from side tables to unique printed fabrics for chairs are popping up as people look for those special items that really set their home apart but also simply speak to them personally. Whether original or not, patterned fabrics are definitely making a comeback, even if it’s just a couple of side chairs or dining chairs.

These are just some of the trends that are popping up frequently this year. Softer shapes, even when still minimalistic, more bold colors and prints, mixing things up, and making sure each room feels right for its use. Create a home office where you feel productive, no matter the style. Let your living room be a blend of the family’s tastes to create a room where everyone feels welcome and comfortable. Ultimately, go with your own personal style for your Portland new homes. You’ll find such a range of styles available these days that it won’t be difficult!

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