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The Hot Trend of Separate Tub and Shower

March 19, 2021
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Sometimes it’s nice to get away from all the daily stresses — and sometimes it’s a necessity! When it comes to finding that peaceful place in your home, the bathroom may often be your best escape. That’s one reason why people like having the option of spa-like bathrooms in their homes in Vancouver WA and Puget Sound, WA Having a separate shower and tub adds to that resort feeling and you’ll find that we typically offer separate tubs and showers in our owner’s suites.

A separate tub and shower is typically viewed as a symbol of luxury, which is one reason why this trend seems to be here to stay. It brings to mind luxury hotels, resorts, and spas, where the goal is relaxation as much as it is getting clean.

The separate tub and shower can really be the final selling point of a home. Buyers see that soaking tub and imagine lingering in a field of bubbles or enjoy muscle-relaxing jets in a jetted tub. With candles, relaxing music, and maybe a nice drink, it’s easy to wash away your cares and your stress. Best of all, these tubs are usually larger than your normal tub, allowing you to property sink into the water and feel like you have plenty of space.

Yet it’s not just the separate tub that wins people over. Many people truly enjoy a great shower experience. With separate showers, you can create a stunning setting with fantastic tile work, built-in benches, and non-slip surfaces. Best of all, you can install multiple shower heads, such as overhead rainfall showerheads for soft relaxation, mixed with side or handheld showerheads and jets that allow you to feel like you’re getting a fantastic massage, hitting all the right spots.

Having both options also allows for more choice. You can settle in for a long soak or you can easily hop in and out of the shower when you’re in a hurry. Potentially, one person could be enjoying a bath while the other takes a shower, without having to resort to using another bathroom and the inconvenience that comes with it.

There’s also the fact that at times you may need a separate shower for accessibility purposes. From minor injuries to long-term health issues, the accessibility of a shower can be a lifesaver that means you don’t have to suddenly do a major bathroom remodel. That means having the separate shower and tub in a main-floor owner’s suite is a particularly appealing choice, both for your own use and for future resale appeal. That’s one of the many reasons we offer the option of the owner’s suite on the main floor in so many home designs. It’s convenient, adds some privacy, but also offers greater accessibility.

So if you’re looking at homes in Vancouver WA, or Puget Sound check out our virtual tours, contact us to learn more about our home designs available in some stunning communities, and see how you can create your own resort-like bathroom with a separate shower and tub. Soon, all your worries will wash away!

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