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Team Member Profile: Melissa Hefner

May 10, 2021
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As a home builder in Puget Sound WA, we’re as proud of our homes as we are of our staff. After all, a great team ensures each home is built to your specifics and helps make the whole experience positive. One such team member is Melissa Hefner, who started not too long ago as an assistant superintendent but has since been promoted to superintendent whose great smile and dedication to making clients feel confident and happy make her a standout employee. And for those keeping count, she’s firmly #teamtaco.

Ultimately, when asked what her job as assistant superintendent entails, Melissa’s response is an enthusiastic, “I supervise the homebuilding process from foundation to completion!” That means she’s looking out for you and your home every step of the way. A typical day for Melissa involves visiting the various job sites to make sure all of the trades are on track.

When building a home, you’ll often have people working in different trades — foundation, insulation, windows, roofing, etc. — and it’s important that everyone stays on track to keep the project running smoothly and on schedule. It’s no surprise then that in a previous job, Melissa received an award for best partnership with a trade. She understands the importance of working with the various trades to ensure the best house possible at the end. As well as keeping track of the various trades, she explains, “I also check for items that may need to be addressed and verify safety measures.” In other words, she’s always there looking out for you and your home.

Melissa has only been with us for a short time, but she worked with another home builder for six years, so she has plenty of experience. She’s also experienced in working hard to learn more and gain experience, always moving up. “I also have worked much of my life in big box retail stores; starting as a cashier and moving up to the assistant store manager.” On top of all of her work experience, she also has a Bachelor’s Degree in Design Studies, with a concentration on Interior Design, another bonus when it comes to helping you with your home, from start to finish. That’s not all, either; she also has a Master’s Degree in Project Management, so it’s clear to see that Melissa truly is able to supervise throughout the entire project.

If you’re new to the PNW, Melissa can help you feel more at home, having gone through a number of moves herself, over the years. “Most of my childhood was spent growing up in Wyoming! Graduated High School there and then moved with my parents to New York! I’ve lived everywhere from California to New York and some states in between; finally ending up in Washington in 2012.”

All of that moving around perhaps inspired her love of traveling. She especially enjoys cruises, though that and her love of watching the Seattle Thunderbirds hockey team in person have been put on hold this past year, but at least she can watch the Thunderbirds online.

Even if she’s not traveling as much these days, she gets plenty of enjoyment from her job working as a home builder in Puget Sound WA. “The best part of the job is handing the homeowner their keys at completion. There’s nothing better than seeing the smile on their face when you tell them ‘It’s all yours!!’”


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