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Spring Trends for Your New Home

April 25, 2022
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Maybe you moved into one of our new homes a year or so ago and are looking to update the decor for the spring. Perhaps you’re in the process of buying one of our new homes in Ridgefield WA and want some inspiration from the latest spring trends to really add some style and a new look to help update some of your existing furniture and accessories. These tips will help, no matter the situation.

With everything in bloom, it should come as no surprise that adding more greenery to your home is a popular spring trend this year. As the days get longer and your windows are open to the fresh air, bring even more of the outdoors in by adding tall potted plants, small-but-full potted plants for tabletops, or even faux flowers if you don’t get enough sunlight in certain areas. There are plenty of faux flowers that look just as lovely as the real thing. Also, don’t be afraid to use some of the color green in your decor if you have some warm, earthy tones in a room, whether it’s emerald green pillows, or pale green glass decorations, such as bowls or vases.

Don’t ignore your foyer, as it’s the first part of your home you and most people see. Have fun with this space and let it give some hints to your personality. If you have the option of a hanging light, go for a slightly over-the-top chandelier. While certain features like console tables and rugs are functional and thus useful, you can still decorate with elements that are uniquely you. Create a mini gallery wall over the console table, or choose a colorful and bold rug. If you have a piece of art that you like but aren’t exactly sure where to put it, turn to the foyer! Be playful and don’t worry about formality. Put up concert posters or film posters or even comic posters. Frame some of your kids’ better drawings and hang them. If you take your shoes off when entering the home, look for a console that can hold enough baskets for everyone to put their shoes so they’re out of sight.

Bold colors on the walls and even the ceiling are showing up more often. Use a darker color in the bedroom on at least one wall and the ceiling, creating a cozy place to curl up and sleep, especially when those days are getting longer.

You don’t have to go dark, though, especially in the kitchen, where all-white kitchens are disappearing. Instead you’ll find pops of color throughout the kitchen with a lot of primary colors, such as bright yellow streamlined cabinets, even if just in one section, and modern, brushed metal cabinet handles. Use some other bold colors for accessories to create a fun room where people often hang out, even when not cooking.

These are just a few ways to bring in some of the spring trends that are popping up like the flowers outside. Try incorporating some of them into your new homes in Ridgefield WA and you’ll be surprised at the difference they can make, even to furnishings you’ve had for a while.

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