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Smart Ways to Heat Your Outdoor Patio

November 11, 2021
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You’ll find that most of our new homes in Southwest Washington feature back patios as standard features or great options. Many are also covered, making them more usable throughout the year, even in colder temperatures. Some owners add enclosures that can be opened for warmer weather and use a variety of heating sources to keep the space warm in the winter. Having these warm outdoor spaces, even during the winter, offers a great option when you’re entertaining.

Even if you don’t choose a home with a built-in patio area, you can easily create one. Either way, a fire pit is the typical first step in adding warmth and fun to your patio area. As well as providing a heat source, a nice fire pit adds a cozy atmosphere for getting together with family and friends, telling stories, reminiscing, and don’t forget the smores! DIYers could build their own or you can find a variety of stylish and functional options to suit your needs.

For small (but well-ventilated) patios, portable fireplaces are a great option. Reminiscent of some of the trendy fireplaces of the 1970s, these upside-down funnel-shaped fireplaces are attractive and give off a nice amount of heat. Plus, being portable, they can be moved to different spots on the patio and they can move with you if you move to a new home.

If you want a heat source that doesn’t intrude in the overall look of your patio, but still keeps you warm, a propane-powered heat lamp does a great job. Sending out heat across roughly 25 square feet, these tall, slender devices don’t take up much space but definitely keep you warm on a chilly evening.

Finally, there’s the thrill and the comfort of hot tubs and spas. It may be freezing outside, but a tub of bubbling water set at 104F does a surprisingly good job of keeping you warm and relaxed. They’re also great for easing sore muscles if you’ve been out skiing, snowboarding, or doing some other fun winter activities. Just make sure you keep towels, slippers, and robes nearby for the quick dash back inside!

Whichever option you choose for your new homes in Southwest Washington, don’t forget to add some thick, plush throw blankets to your patio furniture, ensuring a blanket for everyone, and consider adding indoor/outdoor rugs, for a little more warmth or at least the perception of a warm, cozy space. A handy tip is to throw the blankets in the dryer for a few minutes before heading outdoors to add some extra warmth. By adding some heat sources, you’ll be surprised at just how much extra use you can get from your patio area. Contact us today to learn more about our home designs and the great floor plans with covered and uncovered patio areas.

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