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Single Story Living Benefits

January 23, 2021
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Homes with two or more stories have often been viewed as being worth more than single-story homes and seen as a status symbol. Yet that idea is starting to change, and with good reason. Increasingly, people are seeing the value and benefits of single-story regardless of age or wealth.

Single-story homes offer convenience, comfort, and often more actual living space. The lack of stairs plays a big role in all of this and it’s exactly that lack of stairs that makes it so appealing to young and old. Young families find that they have more peace of mind in a home without stairs, because there’s less risk of young children falling or getting injured. For older home owners, there’s also the same sense of security, not having to worry about an accident on the stairs, not to mention the physical discomfort of having to go up and down stairs with joints that aren’t as flexible as they used to be. In addition, the absence of stairs makes a single-level home more appealing to those who are disabled, whether permanently or through an injury that makes stairs difficult to navigate. We never know what life will throw at us, and not having stairs can turn out to be a blessing.

Of course, not having to go up and down stairs all day is a convenience for everyone. How many times in a two-story home do you get upstairs and then remember you forgot something downstairs? Plus, unless you have two vacuum cleaners, you’ll likely have to lug a heavy vacuum up and down stairs to clean your home. Add in laundry baskets, or just an armful of anything, and not only are stairs tiring, they can also be dangerous for any age.

There’s also the convenience of simply having everything on one floor. You can move about the home more easily, and often, with open-plan layouts in the main living area, it is easy to converse with family, whether in the living, dining or kitchen areas. Still, you have privacy, as well, with the bedrooms usually set off to the sides of the home. There’s added privacy for the owner’s suite, too, as it is typically on one side of the home, while the other bedrooms are on the other side, rather than all of the bedrooms being grouped together on the same floor.

Single-story homes may even have more useful living space, as there are no awkward stairs to interfere with the interior layout. It’s easier to have large, open living rooms, but also make space for separate or open dining areas. There’s more flexibility with the floor plan when there aren’t stairs in the way. Plus, layouts typically offer additional flexibility by providing the option of having a front bedroom become a home office space if needed. That isn’t always an option when all of the bedrooms are upstairs.

Finally, there’s also the simple fact that single-story homes are often more energy efficient. You’re not having to heat or cool two levels, so you’re not using as much energy. You may find it faster to heat or cool just one level, as well, and there are typically fewer maintenance issues and problems with only one floor to manage.

These are just a few of the reasons why more people are looking to single-story homes when exploring the available Vancouver Washington and Puget Sound Homes.Make your life a little easier by getting rid of those stairs and having everything on one level where it’s easily accessible, not to mention safer. We offer a variety of single-story homes that you’re sure to find appealing, so take a look at our plans and contact us to learn more about how single-story living may be just right for you.

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