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Preparing for Your Design Studio Appointment

December 28, 2019
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Some people beginning the process of having a new home built for them have been planning intensively, down to the exact shade of white they want the ceilings painted. Others, though, may not be quite so prepared for the interior design aspect of building a new home. While the thought of having a whole home designed to your preferences is one of the many perks of building from scratch, making all of those choices can also feel overwhelming sometimes. To avoid that feeling, there are ways to prepare before you step foot in the design studio for your first appointment. With preparation, the design team can ensure you get exactly what your mind envisions.

A great start is to visit the various Garrette Custom Homes model homes, especially if they have one in the floor plan you’ve chosen. Even if it’s a different home design, seeing the model homes is a great way to find ideas for colors, finishes, furniture arrangements and much more. Feel free to take photos of the elements that appeal to you to take with you to your appointment.

Perhaps one of the best ways to explore a variety of home decor ideas is to spend some time on websites like Pinterest and Houzz. There are numerous ways to search based on colors, rooms, and individual elements, from faucets to throw pillows. Create separate boards for each room or each individual item. As you look through all of the images you save, you can start to get a clear idea of what really appeals to you. Start by saving anything that appeals and then use what you see to narrow down an idea and style. You can always go back and delete things that ultimately aren’t going to fit. Letting the design studio staff see your overall choices also gives them a clearer direction to help you find just what you want.

Of course, your designer will send you information prior to you appointment and it’s important to carefully review this. Print out your builder option summary form and add notes if necessary to further help your designer.

By taking these steps and doing some work in advance to get a clearer idea of what appeals to you, you better enable your designer to help you create the home you’re trying to build. With their own experience, they can take your ideas and provide suggestions and ideas that match your style and your budget. Most of all, don’t worry. You’re in their capable hands and at the end of the process, you’ll have turned one of the Vancouver Washington homes into your ideal home.

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