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Inspiring Christmas Decorating Ideas

December 8, 2019
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If you’ve recently moved into one of the new homes in Vancouver WA, now is the perfect time to consider giving your Christmas decorations an upgrade or refresher. After all, you probably have new spaces to decorate that you didn’t in your old home, and maybe even new color schemes and design aesthetics. You don’t have to get rid of family favorites, but here are some ideas to update your holiday decorations to complement your new home.

If you like the look of understated glam, go for winter white with pops of glittery rose gold. A white tree, bedecked with gold and rose-gold baubles and strings of warm white lights manages to look glamorous without being gaudy. Add in some complementary pillows in white and gold tones, and look for wrapping paper that draws in some of these elements, as well.

If your look is more minimal Scandinavian, why not go completely natural. A simple green tree, perhaps with just a few white lights widely spaced, along with natural greenery garland for the mantel, and some artfully stacked logs or bundles of birch create a calm Christmas oasis that can be particularly beneficial during the busy holidays.

Stairs are always a great place to add some festive touches and green garland is always a lovely complement to warm wood railings. Add in some silk poinsettia flower blooms and a twist of white lights for a classic look. Alternatively, you could drape strands of white and gold wide ribbon with white lights and white silk roses for a white Christmas, no matter the weather. The steps can also be used to show off a collection of nutcracker dolls, or other holiday decorations.

If the kitchen is the hub of your home — and Garrette Custom Homes creates some truly outstanding kitchens — consider adding in more festive touches to this important room. If you have a jar that holds your cooking spoons and other large utensils, switch it out for a holiday-themed jar. If you have your cooking utensils hanging on display, look for a set with red handles. The idea is to choose a color theme, be it red, green, or even blue, and swap out some of your usual cups, plates, and cookware with a more festive selection, along with a few vignettes of candles, pine cones, and other small Christmas decorations. Don’t forget the kitchen towels and pot holders!

Being in the PNW, the rustic look certainly deserves consideration. Beautiful lanterns filled with large candles, surrounded by natural greenery and touches of wood and ribbons of natural fibers create a subtle rustic look that blends with the local scenery.

Another rustic touch can be found in how you wrap your gifts. Choose a neutral paper wrapped up with twine, and add some bits of natural greenery tied in to the tags. Pine, fir, laurel leaves, and rosemary are all beautiful and fragrant.

Finally, if you have a lot of bookcases, or even side tables with bottom shelves, consider opening up some of these spaces for Christmas decorations. Ceramic trees and reindeer, paired with bowls of pine cones, and stacks of small gifts (books, perhaps) wrapped in festive paper and tied up in a bundle with shimmery ribbon are a way to add simple festive touches throughout your home, while still keeping things elegant and in tune with your room’s decor.

These are just a few ways to add some less expected holiday touches to your Christmas decorating. Your new homes in Vancouver WA will sparkle, glow, and be filled with merriment and good cheer.

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