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Dazzling Door Decorations for Winter

November 30, 2020
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Even if you’re not inviting a lot of people over to your new homes in Gig Harbor WA at the moment, it doesn’t mean you can’t get into the holiday spirit. Some festive door decorations not only cheer you up each time you see them, they also add to the festive feeling in your neighborhood, putting a smile on the faces of passersby. What better reason to decorate your front door than to spread a little seasonal cheer!

The great thing about a lot of these front door decorations is that they’re seasonal rather than holiday specific, so you can keep them up all winter without worrying that they’re past their prime. For example, for a fun, whimsical decoration, hang some large decorative snowflakes around your front door at different heights so they look like they’re falling. For the door itself, look for a fun polar bear head with a scarf to hang in place of a traditional wreath. You could even make one with a large white bowl for the head, a smaller white bowl for the snout, and some black felt for the eyes, ears, and nose, and a cozy scarf in a bow at the bottom.

If you like the snowflakes but want to skip the polar bear, look for a pretty wooden circle frame and attach a large decorative snowflake in the center to hang on your door. Frame it with some greenery for a finishing touch. For those who enjoy embroidery, you could make your own, using a round wooden-frame flat sifter and embroider a snowflake onto the sifting mesh. Even if you can’t find a wood-frame sifter, a metal one could be painted in red, green, blue or another color to complement your front door.

A lot of our homes feature spacious front porches, so why not create a nod to both the season and the surrounding nature by decorating with natural greenery (or store-bought greenery if it’s easier). Set up an evergreen tree with some strands of white lights, some burlap wrapped around the base, and drape evergreen garlands around the door frame, adding in some white ribbons and finish off with a natural wreath on the door. For added natural charm, a wire basket with some logs next to the front door adds a perfect woodsy touch.

Garland framing the front door is an easy way to decorate, while still doing something a little different from the traditional door wreath. You can buy a variety of styles of garlands, from the simple greenery to more decorative garlands with pinecones, leaves, and decorations. Even if you choose a simple garland of pinecones or greenery, you can always add some glam to it by tying or gluing tree bauble decorations onto the garland. A pinecone garland with groups of red baubles looks fantastic framing a red door.

If you want something festive, but not over the top, look for some large decorative lanterns. Get a pair to frame your front door and fill them with tree baubles, either in one or two colors or a fun mix of colors. A sled, either standing behind one of the lanterns or serving as a base for a lantern adds to the seasonal festive appearance.

Large lanterns are a great addition to any of these decorating ideas. Get large, festive red ones or stick with traditional metal-colored ones and fill them with a variety of objects, such as large candles, strings of lights, tree baubles, or even decorative nutcracker figures. You could also place the lanterns in matching planters filled with greenery and pine cones to make them more of a focal point.

These are just a few ways to add some dazzling winter decorations to your new homes in Gig Harbor WA. You’ll find that adding some decorations will do a great job in getting you into the holiday spirit.

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