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Dare to Go Monochrome This Year

January 12, 2020
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As you get to the stage of choosing the design for the interior of your new homes in Gig Harbor WA, you may start feeling overwhelmed with all of the color options. Who knew choosing a particular shade of white could be so challenging! However, rather than having to deal with lots of colors per room, consider going monochrome. By working with just varying tones of only one colour, you not only make your choices easier, but you can create a room that really makes a strong visual statement, whether you choose strong or soft colors. Add in a few pops of one unusual but complementary color and you’ll have a room that looks like it belongs in a design magazine.

Monochromatic rooms aren’t really that unusual. We’ve been seeing monochromatic grey rooms, or even all white rooms with pops of color to liven things up, but now the colors are changing. The color of the year is a classic deep blue and more designers are looking at bold monochromatic colors. Royal blue, layered with navy blue, layered with pastel blue, layered with silvery blue creates depth in the room. Then throw in an earthy color that complements the shades of blue you’ve chosen.

The best thing about using monochromatic color schemes is that there’s still plenty of choice. Do you want cool, pure blues that make you think of ice, or the slightly warmer but still clear colors of crystal blue waters? Perhaps you want something with more of a grey tone, or something with a more green tone, or a very classic tone. You could then bring in pops of lavender, eggplant, ruby, mustard, ochre, seashell pink or whatever speaks to you and complements your colors.

The paint stores even make it easy for you, typically showing the varying tones of a color from dark to light on the strips of paint chips. You don’t have to use them all, or you could use two from the dark end, one from the middle and then the lightest. Feel free to play around to see what suits your rooms and tastes. If you don’t feel ready for dark colors, you could choose the lighter end of the spectrum. Of course, you don’t have to choose blue, at all. Use the colors that speak to you. Blue may be the trendy color, but monochromatic color use, regardless of the color, allows you to personalize your home while still bringing it up to date.

As you explore the design options for your homes in Gig Harbor WA, think about using a monochromatic scheme for your rooms. Whether it’s one bold wall and the rest a lighter shade or the whole room in a bolder color with lighter shades for trim and other decorative elements, you’ll find that a monochrome actually opens up a whole new world of design ideas and inspiration.

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